About our company

We are helping our customers with network security, ICT security and infrastructure.

We take our customers seriously and respect their individuality. Supported by carefully selected technologies and their in-depth knowledge, we support our customers’ diversity and competitive edge. Our services are always delivered individually, and our solutions are complete and tailor-made – comprehensive, functional and up to date with the current network security criteria. We design, implement and provide our solutions and services to enable our customers to focus fully on their business.

We aim to become your strategic and long-term partner when it comes to infrastructure, network and cyber security.


Our Vision

An interconnected and communicating world where data and applications are safe, that is our vision. Specialization, innovation and individual approach is our strategy for providing infrastructure, network and cyber security services. We believe that together with our customers, we will build such a world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide highly professional services with added value and deliver the best infrastructure and security solutions on premise, in cloud or in hybrid environments with aim to help our customers.

We perceive infrastructure, network security and cybersecurity as one interconnected functional system, not as a set of individual “boxes”, technologies and features. When designing networks and security solutions, we also focus on people, who are an integral part of this organism.

ComSource History in a Nutshell

ComSource s.r.o. was founded in 2010. From the beginning, one thing was obvious to us – we wanted to provide specialized network and security services and solutions. Specialization has been the key to our success – due to thorough focus on several selected technologies, such as Juniper Networks, Radware, or Allot, and the connected services, we became true professionals.

During our development, we have also benefitted from the emphasis put on the delivery of complete and flexible solutions, as they provide our customers with high added value and capabilities for future development.

As the globalization was advancing, large data centres were expanding and the cloud arrived on the stage, we have adapted our solutions to these new trends as they changed the requirements regarding network infrastructure and ICT security as such. In our own lab, we have developed, and are further developing, our own solutions and services, such as FlowGuard fighting DDoS attacks.

With time, we also enriched our portfolio with other technologies and services, such as security audits, Flowmon Networks or Forcepoint. With the last-mentioned technology, we have further developed our perception of security and started applying the so-called human-centred security approach. This approach opened a whole new world to us and changed the way we perceive data protection. As we are entering the 2020s at full speed, we are looking forward to all future challenges that are under way.

Our Work

When it comes to networking, we know everything there is to know in ICT regarding fully functional network infrastructure and communication. This means not only designing, auditing and analysing, but also implementing and configuring networks, as well as various types of testing, including penetration tests. Would you like fast connection in multiples of 100 Gbps? Not sure if your network architecture is robust enough to accommodate new requirements? Would you like 24/7 monitoring and HelpDesk, but do not have the staff? Do you need to replace some device? We are here at your service. For us, it is not "just" routers, switches, transceivers and cables, but a complex environment, including support for your ICT.

In CyberSecurity, we are part of a global wide combat for securing data and applications from leaks, exploits, and attacks of cybercriminals. We will secure your network infrastructure from malware, DDoS attacks and other cyber threats. We will recommend you new generation firewalls and camera systems with artificial intelligence to significantly increase your security. By auditing patterns of user behaviour and monitoring your perimeter, we will prevent possible data leaks or attacks before they occur. When you enter our world, you will find that your data can remain yours, you just have to want it to happen.

Our Team

Team ComSource are professionals par excellence. Working with us, that means to see the modern world as a great opportunity to work and interact in a better and more secure way. And on top of that, to help other organizations and their people increasing their potential and capabilities. But there is more.

Our expertise is built on solid bases. Everyone in ComSource has unique know-how and experience from leading IT and telecommunication enterprises, along with the desire to develop them further and to share them with our customers. Together, we make the world of ICT more interesting, more flexible and more secure.

We strive every day to be the best in what we do. As individuals and as a team. To live our company strategy and values, to continuously increase our skills and to deliver our customers added value, so they can always fully rely on us. Everyone means everyone – infrastructure engineers, project managers, ethical hackers, the company management, or the control room specialists – knowledge and experience is the force that is always with us.

Juniper Elite Partner

We are the only Juniper Networks Elite Partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We will install, tune up and teach you how to work with products from this leading network elements manufacturer. And you can use our training services to prepare for the globally recognized Juniper (JNCIx) certification tests.

Technical Certifications

Selection of our partners is a thorough and long-distance race. We have high demands regarding the quality of the technologies we work with, in order to deliver the best there is on the market to our customers every time. Accordingly, we are certified for all technologies we use. Our team is undergoing continuous training and education to provide you with first-class services and a precisely tuned configuration of each device or software.

Juniper – Certified Associate

Juniper – Certified Professional

Juniper – Certified Specialist

EC-Council – Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Flowmon – Silver Partner

  • Technical Engineer
  • Technical Engineer for APM
  • Technical Engineer for Security
  • Technical Engineer for Deployment and Sizing
  • Technical Engineer for NPMD

Member of a Prestigious FENIX Project

ComSource is a member of the FENIX established in 2013 at the Czech peering node, the NIX.CZ association, in response to intensive DDoS attacks faced by leading Czech media houses, banks and operators during that year. The purpose of the project is to ensure the availability of Internet services within the entities involved in this activity in the event of a DDoS attack.

CS-CSIRT Team (Computer Security Incident Response Team)

We are part of a CSIRT team (Computer Security Incident Response Team). The CSIRT.CZ national team, together with the National Security Authority is designed to response, coordinate, and solve security incidents in the field of IT security. The team has been accredited by Trusted Introducer; therefore the adequate level of best practice and the adoption of established policies has been ensured.

AFCEA Member

ComSource is an active member of Czech branch of AFCEA (Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association). Membership in this organization enables us to share and develop our cybersecurity and ICT technology know-how and consequently apply it at our customers’.

ComSource Logo

You can download our logo here

ISO Certificates

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001

Security Clearance

Our daughter company ABRATICA was issued the National Security Authority security clearance for the level Secret.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are not indifferent to our common environment and we want to contribute to its improvement. We have joined the take-back and reuse of packaging waste system organized by EKO-KOM.  This non-profit joint-stock company has created and effectively operates a nationwide system of European quality organizing the sorting, recycling and utilization of packaging waste.

ComSource participates in the "Green Company" project and ecologically disposes of company’s electrical appliances and batteries. There is a collection box which can be used by the employees to dispose of their old electronic devices and thus contribute to the protection of our environment, natural resources, and human health.

Participation in Projects Co-Funded by the EU

We are participating in projects aiming to increase the level of ICT security and cyberattack resilience.


Development of Final Solution of Cloud Security Application

Project registration number:

Project objective:
The objective of the project is to develop a Cloud Security application solution for the territory of the Czech Republic. This application presents a complex system of individual security Internet applications and it is designed to be used by data centres, internet connection providers etc.


General Terms & Conditions

Please see ComSource s.r.o. General Terms & Conditions here.