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FlowGuard protects
infrastructure and company reputation

How does FlowGuard work?

FlowGuard keeps your applications and servers running during an attack. It works on a simple principle:

  • A detection device identifies a potential threat in the data heading towards your network,
  • we clean the traffic flow of unwanted traffic,
  • the cleansed traffic continues on to your servers.



Legitimate data

Flowguard data mitigation

Only legitimate dates continue

DDoS attack

Identified DDoS attack is removed

FlowGuard tames all kinds of DDoS attacks. Machine learning makes FlowGuard more effective by the minute - blocking data from suspicious sources but not interfering with normal traffic.

We'll protect you and your clients

With FlowGuard, only clients
and legitimate users can access your website and services. How does the solution help you?

During an attack, FlowGuard secures your hosting and gives your clients access to the cloud.

The solution will keep your network infrastructure running even during a massive DDoS attack.

The solution will guarantee uninterrupted online services and protect your reputation.

FlowGuard keeps your website up and running - even during peak seasons and the run-up to Christmas.