Training that makes sense

Next to the delivery of network solutions, products and services we also offer a complex training in the area of ICT technologies. We provide a preparation for certification of Juniper company, network security trainings and other trainings tailor-made to your needs.

The thorough training is the solid part of all our solutions. We do not only deliver final products; we want to really help you to achieve success in the world of network technologies. Either you provide internet services, data center operation or company network administration, our top experts are always ready to help you.



Own training center

We have our own training center, equipped for both individual and group trainings. We can offer you the safe remote access to the training center during your trainings. We offer one-day and multi-day trainings, or regular standard lessons withing semester.

We get you ready for the worldwide accepted certification of Juniper, we train you concerning technologies. We also provide trainings based on your needs and delivered solution.

We provide the thorough training for each technology and the complex solution, which we deliver. Our aim is to provide you the professional service and the training in the ICT area, so that your employees can focus on their job effectively and undisturbed. We do not want to be only the supplier of the high-quality network equipment and the solution; we strive for the real long-term partnership with our clients. Thus, we can really understand your needs in detail and increasing demands so we can always offer the solution made exactly for you.

The sole Elite Reseller

We are the sole Elite Reseller of Juniper Networks in the Czech Republic and we can offer you the JNCIx certification preparation, which is accepted worldwide. These certifications are designated to complex network security experts based on Junos system. Beside the certification preparation we also provide standard trainings for both individuals and groups.

In our training center we offer you the complete ICT education, based on entry knowledge of your employees and your needs. Next to the specialized training about technologies (e.g. routing, switching, network security etc.) we can prepare the tailor-made trainings if interested. We are ready to accommodate your needs even if your business is non-standard or highly specialized.

Cooperation with us pays off as we…

Offer technical support 24/7
in English and Czech

We work for many Czech and international companies

Our technical experts have long-term experience in this area

Are you interested in the training? Make a free consultation and find out which type of training helps you to work independently and professionally with the delivered solution.



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