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Support service

Are you looking for a supplier for administration and configuration of your network infrastructure? We can offer you our service.

We supervise a proper working and take care of a regular service. Our operators, both Czech and English speaking, are ready to help you – 24-hours/day, 7 days/week. They solve problems, which could cause money loss or distrust of your clients or business partners.

We take care of a network elements´ implementation and its configuration. We teach you to use it properly. We are at your disposal even after the implementation, e.g. in case of a failure or need of additional settings. Our job does not end by the product sale.

Your business success depends on 100% network infrastructure functionality. And we do know how to take care of it.



What can we do for you?

We recommend you which strategy you should choose for further development of the network infrastructure. We can show you advantages and disadvantages of the solutions.

Maintenance service

Our hot line operators will help you to solve blackout or network failure. 24-hours/day, 7 days/week.

We evaluate your problem quickly and assure its correction. Just call or text us.

Proactive monitoring

We will monitor your network non-stop thanks to our monitoring department. Not only we can detect the failure in time but mostly we can even avoid it.

Network administration outsourcing

We can design, implement and assure administration of the network infrastructure including the regular reporting to companies without own IT department.

Favorable SLA conditions

Our priority is to keep your business smooth ongoing. We have a replacement hardware and so damaged devices in your infrastructure can be replaced within tens of minutes. We can provide your company the price effective Service Level Agreement conditions which fully support the service needs your company is offering.

We take care of communication with a vendor

We have assured privileged support from producers of all equipment we deliver. You will be informed about any actualizations and security patches the same day when they are published.

Ideal solution for you and your clients

We assure a smooth operation of web services and an electronic internal communication. So, nothing will distract your business activities.

Cooperation with us pays off as we…

Offer technical support 24/7
in English and Czech

We work for many Czech and international companies

Our technical experts have long-term experience in this area

Are you interested in our external services? Make a free consultation and find out how to save time and money by the regular service or the outsourcing.



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