FlowGuard protects infrastructure and company reputation

Most of the companies must sooner or later face a DDoS attack or a network decommission. Without enough security there is a threat of financial loss and injured reputation.

We can keep your service in operation independently on force and duration of the attack. The FlowGuard cloud solution detects threats within seconds.

DDoS attacks are the most serious cyber threats of last years. They are quick, effective and very cheap. Attackers overload a capacity of a targeted server by supernumerary requests and thus make common users impossible an access to web sites or to important applications which are linked to your business.

The firewall protects your network against a malware and other threats, but you cannot avoid a network overload. To block the server for an hour only a few USD cost attack is needed. But for you such an attack would mean loss of reputation, lost profit, legal consultations, internal meetings, human resources,… Everybody can order a DDoS attack – your competitors and ex-employees including.

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We can protect both you and your clients

With the FlowGuard, only your clients´ data and the legitime users´ data can access your web sites and service. How can the solution help you?

Data centers

The FlowGuard assures the functional hosting and enables the access to cloud for your clients during the attack.

Company ISP

The solution assures the operation of your network infrastructure even during a massive DDoS attack.


The solution assures the non-stop online service and protects your good reputation.


The FlowGuard keeps your web site in operation – even during a season peak and pre-Christmas time.

How does the FlowGuard work?

The FlowGuard keeps your applications and servers in operation during attacks. The principle is simple:

  • The detection device identifies a potential threat in data targeting to your network,
  • the data flow is cleaned from an unwanted operation,
  • the clean data operation follows to your servers.


It copes with all types of threats

The FlowGuard handles all types of DDoS attacks. The FlowGuard is more and more effective every minute thanks to a machine learning – it blocks data from suspicious sources, but it does not affect a common operation.

Resistant against decommission

The FlowGuard is available non-stop. No matter the range of attack – our mitigation tool is thanks to the over-dimensioned capacity of the cleaning center reliable in every situation.

Intuitive user interface

You will be informed about every security issue immediately. There is a transparent web portal where you can evaluate a flow of attack and a blockage of suspicious sources and generate reports.

We find the ideal solution for you

We adjust the FlowGuard service implementation to your possibilities and the network operation. Next to a cloud solution we offer also a hybrid version, which protects your network and server against the most aggressive DDoS attacks. The process of the right choice for you will be discussed in detail and then we assure its implementation.

Do you want to know more?

On the FlowGuard web site you can find complete information about FlowGuard advantages, DDoS attack types, architecture of solutions, implementation possibilities and much more.

Cooperation with us pays off as we…

Offer technical support 24/7
in English and Czech

We work for many Czech and international companies

Our technical experts have long-term experience in this area

Find out how FlowGuard will protect you against a real threat and allow you to focus only on your business.



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