Next Generation Firewalls

Every organization, be it small, large, or public, has to protect its data. Traditional network protection often fails today when facing advanced cyber-attacks. A new, holistic approach to data security has to be applied. Already the third generation of firewall technology, it combines a traditional operation filtering with other functions.

In today’s world of mobile devices and cloud, where data is virtually everywhere, employees are accessing public websites and surfing social networks on daily basis and their mailboxes are full of potentially malicious e-mails. It is quite easy to penetrate deep into an organization, so deep, that the hackers dared not even to dream about it just few years ago. Well, it is the reality now, and that is why we have the next generation firewall (NGFW), which can recognize an attack on your network and stop it immediately. They can identify even totally new threats and will protect your servers, endpoints, as well as the whole network perimeter.


By implementing the next generation firewall to your company network, you also become compliant with some of the GDPR and the so-called cyber law provisions. Only such complex environment will really make sure that your company network or data centre is secured against malicious attacks, potentially resulting in the theft of your intellectual property, personal data, or in the loss of data from your data centre hosting dozens of clients.

If you have had an inkling for some time that there might be holes in your existing solution, please talk to us. ComSource is working with top NGFW suppliers. If you are a company or a corporation, you will surely find a solution from Forcepoint, the top provider of corporate communication security, to be to your liking. If you run a data centre or provide data services, a Juniper solution is the right one for you. Both products have the required certifications.

However, it is possible that after analysing your needs, a totally different solution will be suitable for you. Our experts will analyse your company, recommend the right one and will take care of the potential implementation as well as know-how transfer.


How Can We Protect Your Data?

Next generation firewalls provide comprehensive overview of network traffic and protect data both within the network, as well as on its external perimeter. Security functions include:

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  • Data traffic scanning, protection from the theft of data and control over network applications.
  • Protection against abuse of not updated software.

URL filtering

  • Blocking access to social networks, potentially harmful websites and other pages.


  • Analysing files at the point of entry to the company network.
  • E-mail filtering.
  • Prevents opening files with identified and potentially dangerous content.


  • Protecting company network from malware invasion.
  • Protecting the network against zero day attacks.
  • Creation of virtual environments for the assessment of outside threats.

VPN support

  • Providing remote access to company servers.

Other functions

  • Granular application check;
  • Packet content check;
  • Administration of hundreds to thousands devices from one console;
  • Network traffic normalization;
  • Advanced attack method detection checks at all levels.

Are you a Company, Corporation or Public Institution?

We have a state-of-the-art firewall solution Forcepoint™ Stonesoft® Next Generation Firewall for you. It provides network communication security for organizations that need to protect their data centres, branch offices and cloud access efficiently, with high level of availability and security, while spending adequate money on their protection. It is efficient, scalable and highly extendable and provides administration of hundreds to thousands devices from one console. It saves the costs, time and human resources with its most modern functionalities and automation.

  • At branches and in cloud
    • Possibility to implement it in data centres at branch offices as an edge firewall, as well as in cloud and to interconnect them with VPN.
  • Advanced reporting
    • The management as well as security experts will appreciate advanced reporting functionalities, interactive investigation and rule violation visualization.
  • Threats under control
    • In combination with Advaced Malware Detection (AMD), it can identify, stop and prioritize threats – full visibility of the attack thus helps your security team to quickly understand its character and to use your security resources efficiently.
  • Physical or virtual implementation
    • Functionalities are identical in both cases.

A similar set of functions is provided by Juniper SRX Firewall solutions for small and middle sized companies. Our experts will cooperate with you on finding exactly the right thing for you to keep your data safe.

Are You an ISP or Data Centre Provider?


Then you will love robust Juniper NGFW from the SRX Firewall line for data centres.  ComSource is the only Juniper Elite Partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so you may be sure that we will advise you well.

Network operators face increasingly difficult challenges from the cloud-native firms. It is time to take up the glove and answer with a solution saving your costs and protecting your customers’ data from theft and misuse at the same time. SRX Firewalls are high-performance security solutions delivered on the industry’s most high performance, highly scalable and robust platform.

  • Performance
    • Setting new benchmarks with100GbE interfaces and featuring Express Path technology, which enables up to 2-Tbps performance for the data centre.
  • Unified administration and configuration
    • Unique OS Junos provides unified configuration of functions as well as administration of the whole Juniper product portfolio. Simply, efficiently and from one single point.
  • Function automation
    • Script automation saves your time and money because the same or similar algorithms can be used for several customers.
  • Routing
    • Full support of routing functionalities, including Carrier Grade NAT.
  • Managing multiple firewalls
    • Junos Space Security Director is an optional part of the solution - applications for central management of network infrastructure security. It will speed up the implementation of new measures and network components, providing immediate reporting of suspicious activities.
  • Traffic and threat assessment
    • In combination with Juniper Secure Analytics, evaluates current network traffic, identifies potential threats and implements preventive measures.


Would you like to have NGFW in your company? Do you need to update your current or implement new security solution? Do not hesitate and contact us, together, we will come up with a solution!


We can find the right firewall for you

We adjust the firewall implementation to your needs and network operation. We deliver and install a hardware or a virtual version, or we connect you to a cloud solution. We assure the firewall implementation and train your network administrators.

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