Data Loss Prevetion and GDPR

Today, data protection is a challenge number one. All organizations need to keep up with all regulations and protect their intellectual property and sensitive data. At the same time, all enterprises are facing a complex environment with data virtually everywhere. Thanks to mobility and cloud solutions, data needs to be secured also at places not owned or managed by the company (e.g. cafés, employees’ homes, public transport etc.). Traditional approach to data loss prevention, i.e. find it, catalogue it and control it, no longer works, since it ignores the most important variable in data security – your people.

It is time to change strategy. As of now, cybersecurity focuses on people and the way users interact with data and applications.



And DLP (Data Loss Prevention) system does just that. Selected security features:

  • Sensitive data identification and search
    • Identification of sensitive data in files (e-mails, addresses, numbers, names etc.).
    • Search for sensitive data across all storages (including cloud).
    • Integrated algorithms for GDPR and ePrivacy compliance.
    • Preventive, as well as during incident solving.
  • Blocking or auditing unauthorized data residence and transfer
    • Analysing and recording work with files, statistical information gathering.
    • Data protection on endpoints and prevention from sending or copying it outside the enterprise environment.
    • Logging all active operations.
  • Monitoring risk behaviours and policy enforcement
    • Preventive user risk behaviour analysis.
    • Individual risk assessment of each employee.
    • Unified policy deployment across network, cloud apps, and endpoint channels.
    • Incident prioritization and exact risk description for network administrators.
  • Advanced detection & control
    • Drip DLP detection.
    • Fingerprinting of structured and unstructured data.
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - detection of data embedded in images.

ComSource is offering you Forcepoint DLP solution. We are Forcepoint certified partner. Forcepoint is the only company in the industry taking the human-centric approach to security. With advanced automation and machine learning, this DLP solution saves your money, time, and human resources.

Of course, DLP implementation will be adjusted to your needs, way of work, and the scope of handling data, including sensitive data. Our experts will analyse your company, recommend suitable procedures, changes of policies, or, alternatively, the manner in which the changes or implementation should be done. We will of course be happy to provide you with the potential Forcepoint DLP solution implementation.

We will be also happy to help you with auditing the extent of your GDPR and e-Privacy compliance. We will come with a proposal to solve any discrepancies (e.g. by editing some documents, taking process or IT measures, ex-post informing). If needed, we will also recommend suitable network solutions and infrastructure management software to you, to keep your data on tight leash.

New Approach to Data Security

Are you a data controller or processor and the general regulation on personal data protection (GDPR) applies to you? Can you employees work from home or on mobile devices, even on their own (BYOD)? Did you choose cloud or hybrid data storage strategy? Are you aware that loss of data could mean a significant damage or even end of your business? Then Forcepoint DLP offered by ComSource is exactly for you.

Unique Forcepoint DLP solution will enable you to take a strategy that will not prevent people from using modern technology or limit their work, and at the same time, will protect your intellectual property and sensitive data. It is because, apart from preventive controls and general algorithms, it has comprehensive set of targeted functions that really work, thanks to well-arranged logic.

This DLP system is controlled from a single control seat, managing all applications used by people to create, store, and transfer data in motion and at rest, in cloud, across network and endpoints. Unification of rules across all places where data resides helps people to better understand it. Be it intentional or unintentional breach of rules – all user know that “DLP is watching”.

Analytics based on the user’s behaviour and targeted user risk assessment, i.e. the rule “if it’s not forbidden, it is allowed” works until the employee breaks it. Security specialists thus spend less time with solving a huge number of reported incidents. Therefore, overall contentment and efficiency in the company is on the rise.

Modules and features:

  • DLP Discovery
    • Identifies sensitive data across IT infrastructure (network discs, data bases, Exchange/SharePoint including on-line versions).
  • DLP Endpoint
    • Protects data on endpoints (even off corporate network) and will prevent their sending by e-mail, web browser, copying to USB flash drive, printing etc.
    • Windows and MacOS platforms.
    • Also applicable with Citrix.
  • DLP Network
    • Managing document flow, monitoring data flow and preventing sensitive data loss across critical communication channels.
    • Advanced reporting.
  • DLP Cloud Apps
    • Applying DLP policies to files uploaded/stored in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Box).

Your people will appreciate that you know that they are first in line fighting all modern digital threats. ComSource is offering you strategic partnership in data loss prevention. Do not hesitate and contact us.


How do we proceed to implement measures for GDPR fulfillment?


We map processes and data flow ongoing in your company which are linked to the personal data processing. We evaluate the purpose and the legal basis of the processing and determine if GDPR regulations must be applied.

GAP Analysis

We determine a conformity level of your processing activities with GDPR and ePrivacy and propose how to solve a detected mismatch (e.g. update of documents, process and IT measures, additional information).

Preparation and implementation of changes

After prior approval we start to implement proposed changes. We compare a range of recommended measures with an implementation range and conclude a conformity level of your organization with chosen legislation.


We prepare series of workshops for IT specialists, lawyers and salespeople to introduce them implemented changes and new processes.

Quick search of personal data

The Data Loss Protection tool searches and identifies files with identified personal data in your servers, computers and cloud. The search is based on a specific data format (e.g. birth number, e-mail addresses); it uses a machine learning for more complex personal data identification.

Protection against information leak

You can set your own restrictions for personal data files in a transparent interface. So, you avoid their distribution via e-mail, uploading into external drive or printing.

You can set various access levels for employee groups with the DLP tool. Only the authorized employees will have the access to sensitive files and data.

If there is detected an attempt to leak the file, the tool blocks data transfer and warns a network administrator – with the detailed description of the incident.

Solution for you

We adjust the GDPR implementation to your needs and range of personal data processing. We recommend the necessary network solutions and the software for the infrastructure administration.

Cooperation with us pays off as we…

Offer technical support 24/7
in English and Czech

We work for many Czech and international companies

Our technical experts have long-term experience in this area

Contact us for a non-binding consultation. We explain a process of the measure implementation in order to fulfill GDPR in your organization and estimate how long does it take.



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