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Surveillance cameras in the whole world generate thousands of hours of records every minute: from public places, transport arteries, warehouses, production sites. It is the enormous amount of image data. But due to a lack of operators and a time consuming analysis only 0,000 001 % of records are evaluated.

Thanks to the patented and verified technology BriefCam - Video Synopsis® is the problem of the evaluation solved!

All moving objects and activities in different time are merged together into one compressed synopsis video. The BriefCam - Video Synopsis® application enables the quick and effective analysis of the record but it keeps all fundamental activities of the original video.

In case of an increased risk, a crime or a terrorist attack threat the BriefCam - Video Synopsis® enables to evaluate hours of camera records within several minutes. It helps to decide the right proceeding to protect population, evacuate buildings or when necessary, to neutralize attackers or terrorists.


Wide variety of applications

The BriefCam - Video Synopsis® is used by commercial organizations, city administration and security components:


The system analyses the purchase behavior of your customers based on gender and age and helps to secure sale area.

Production and logistics

The BriefCam Videosynopsis recognizes a security risk in interior and outside area and warn you. Companies can get valuable data to increase the effective management of production and logistics.

State service

The system monitors a traffic situation and public places and enables to find suspect people and vehicles in the records very quickly.

Video analysis for municipality

  • Optimization of traffic – detection and monitoring of traffic in busy roads and crossroads.
  • Safer municipality – automatic warning regarding pre-defined critical and dangerous situations. Search for suspected or missing people.
  • Smart cities – control of unauthorized entrance, parking in prohibited zones. Movement of people statistics in busy places and events.


We can find the ideal solution for you

We adapt the installation of the BriefCam Videosynopsis to your possibilities and requirements. We can install and launch the system within several hours – including the installation of necessary databases and the training of administrator and operators.

External processing

We can process and evaluate records for you. It is the version without the training and the operation of own processing server.

Cloud processing

We process delivered records; its evaluation will be done by our and your operators. It is the version without the operation of own processing server.

Internal processing

Processing and record analysis are done exclusively on your server by our and your operators. Turn-key system delivery. Technically more demanding version.

Custom – designed analysis of records

Analysis of only the videos you really need. You provide only camera records. Costs spent only on video analysis itself. Without investment into HW, SW and specialists. Favorable accounting – operational costs instead of investment.

Speed is the key

An experienced specialist needs only a minute to analyze 1-hour record. Processing of 1-hour record takes 3 – 5 minutes, total video length is unlimited.

Analysis of record and live coverage

It is possible to use the system not only for a record but also for a live coverage. Technical requirements for the live coverage analysis are higher. The user environment is connected directly with the existing Video Management system.

How does it work?

The Software works simply: it recognizes moving objects in a static environment, indexes them and divides according to various parameters. Then you can go through the record very quickly and filter objects based on your need – e.g. according to dimension, color, movement speed and direction, gender or vehicle type.


Cooperation with us pays off as we…

Offer technical support 24/7
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Our technical experts have long-term experience in this area

Would you like to try the BriefCam Videosynopsis first? No problem. We can install it into your server, set up and show it real. Contact us and find out if the modern video analysis can solve your needs.



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