Protect your web

Guarantee a web application accessibility to your clients in all circumstances. With ADC & WAF you can protect your services against cyber-attacks, decrease server load and operation costs.

We take care of a smooth operation of your web applications and so customers` satisfaction. We help you to choose the equipment, set it and teach you to use it.

Web applications are important part of business in many companies. Their seamless accessibility from various devices has the same importance as a software quality itself. But in a competitive environment can one single mistake harm a good reputation very easily.



How can ADC and WAF help you?

Safe purchase and movement in applications

The ADC & WAF ensure requirements´ spread during seasonal peaks and secure a purchase of all your customers. In case of an attack threat, a potential attack source is disconnected from the server.

Lower costs for server operation

The ADC decreases the computing server load by decryption of incoming communication – and thus the costs. The WAF takes care of the decrypted data security.

Protection against DDoS attacks

The ADC identifies increased number of requirements which usually means a sign of a volumetric DDoS attack and it secures network infrastructure security.

Complex solution for complicated situations

When combining the WAF (Web Application Firewall) and the ADC (Application Delivery Controller) you gain the reliable security of the application layer and the integrated solution of optimal applications´ operation at the same time. The Load Balancing technology ensures the effective requirements´ redirection to the currently underutilized servers. And you have secured the full accessibility of your applications. But the ADC can do much more. It is the great protection against DDoS attacks thanks to its ability to block adverse requirements by entering between the server and the attackers.

You can have assured the smooth application operation and security if you combine both these tools. You protect your good reputation, trust and investment of your clients.

Web application firewall

Web applications bring not only advantages and openness but also plenty of risks, which you should not underestimate. The applications, thanks to their accessibility, represent an easy target for attackers, furthermore they are used as an ideal access point to your valuable data sources. The web application firewall (WAF) is the great solution for a non-standard operation detection and thus it can protect the application layer against potential attacks.

We support our clients´ productivity and profitability increase and the cost decrease. That´s why we share our experience and skills gained during years of work on ICT projects with our clients. We fully understand that the protection of the key applications is crucial for the smooth operation of the network. Prevention is always the most effective way therefore the web application firewall has the key role in this area.

Protection against attacks in application layer

The WAF tool follows OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) regulations, that publishes safety recommendations for web applications on regular base to be protected against the most serious cyber threats.

The web application firewall protects your applications against e.g.: SQL injection, authentication problems, weak protection of sensitive data, XML external entity attack, insufficient monitoring of users´ movement in applications, wrong set-up of security solutions and protocols, cross-site scripting, non-secured deserialization, misuse of vulnerable components, weak security monitoring.

We can find an appropriate solution for you

We can adjust the ADC & WAF implementation to your possibilities and needs. We implement either physical or virtual tools into your network, set them and teach you to work with them. We can recommend an implementation of further software or network solution if needed.


Cooperation with us pays off as we…

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Would you like to try the offered tools first? No problem. We can show you the ADC & WAF real in your network. Contact us and find out what type of a web application protection and data load spread will save your money and time in the most effective way.



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