Wi-Fi becomes natural

Wireless connection to internet is natural today in companies, shops and also in public places. Employees, customers, business partners, people at the airports, railway stations, squares etc. expect it.

A wireless Access Point ensures a strong Wi-Fi signal to your company, business center, production plant or your town. We can provide it to you whereever your wish.

We take care of the complete Wi-Fi installation into your organisation. We find an appropriate position for signal spread, we set up and secure the access point and teach you to work with it.

The robust Wi-Fi solution saves you plenty of problems – no kilometers of cabels, decreased costs for construction changes due to plug installations.

The access point spreads signal into all spaces. It goes through wide walls or metal partition walls. It works great also in older buildings and industrial halls.





Wi-fi connection helps stores, companies and also state institutions:

Retail and hospitality

The Access Point supports your goods and service promotion by displaying advertisments.

You can charge the Wi-fi with time coupons and connection to a PMS system.

Companies and Organisations

Wi-fi saves space and avoids expensive constructions.

The Access Point enables your employees to use their own devices but makes social media access impossible.

National administration

The Wi-fi security meets requirements of e.g. jails and institutions with special regulations.

The Access Point software detects automatically an illegal device in the network and isolates it from the network.

Immediate operation evaluation

Your technicians analyse a type and a structure of wireless network operation by using the delivered monitoring application. They identify connection attempt to permitted sites or illegal activities and evaluate success of shown advertisement.

Cyber attacts protection

The Access Point includes a firewall which recognizes possible damaging data, Wireless Intrusion Detection System and Wireless Intrusion Prevention System.

Autonomous operation of security application saves hundreds of working hours. The systems automatically solve most of safety threads – administrator attendance is required only in case of divergence.

Automatic troubleshooting

The Access Point monitors your wireless operation non-stop and learns to recognize typical formulas. Thanks to it the connection failures can be predicted and diagnosed. They are repaired automatically or your administrators are informed about the problem.

With the modern Wi-fi you won´t have to solve problems with hiring technicians and with phone calls from dissatisfied customers. Wireless system assures a great service for your clients and thus strenghen your name.

Ideal solution for you

We modify the Wi-fi connection to your possibilities and needs. Our technicians analyse environment for the Wi-fi signal spread and set the best placement of the Access Points.

The Access Point is recommended based on evaluated number of users to assure quick and safe connection in every situation. We install the devices, we help you to open a cloud account or to assure a local solution. If necessary we recommend implementation of an additional software or a network solution.

Wi-fi – independent assessment

Requirements for device communication via Wi-fi rise exponentially – higher permeability, 100% accessibility and perfect stability. Wireless connection is pleasant. Nobody wants to take cabels with and look for a socket all the time. But the necessary condition for both companies and private individuals is to have a safe Wi-fi to not to cause money loss.

Wi-fi Pineapple - penetration tests

Wi-fi became a part of our lifes. We communicate wireless at work, public and at home as well. Importance of the wireless connection is growing. We send business and private e-mails, we communicate with friends, send pictures, videos, money…and we do not want anyone to steal or misuse these data. But are the access points that we connect to safe? We can find it out thanks to the penetration tests!

Cooperation with us pays off as we…

Offer technical support 24/7
in English and Czech

We work for many Czech and international companies

Our technical experts have long-term experience in this area

Would you like to try offered tools first? No problem. We can implement it into your network, launch it and show it live. Contact us and find out, how can the suitable and safe Wi-fi help you in your business.



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