Switches for every infrastructure

Operation management, logistics planning, data sharing and many other areas of human activities is a based on fast communication. Information flow is managed by switches which connect company computers and data centers, production and manipulation devices.

Growth of a company is connected with a huge data increase and many connected deviced which cannot be proceeded effectively with current switches. This causes slowdown of communication among clients, employees and production. The implementation of further management and safety actions is very complicated.

Juniper Networks switches can handle any range of data operation. Unification of some network segments can decrease their volume. Thus you can also decrease costs and assure faster communication among end devices, divisions and servers.



When is switches´ consolidation helpful?

Unify the network level management with the modern switches and improve your network infrastructure potential:

Companies and organisations

You can speed up communication inside of your organisation and outside too by using the switches in a big divison or a factory.

ISP companies

Virtualization of switches can speed up the data flow in data centers and Quality of Service is for the clients guaranteed – e.g. fast internet access.

Benefits of modern switches

Immediate connection

Thanks to a switch throughput up to 100GbE thousands of devices are connected immediately and quick resend of information is assured.

Decrease of operation costs

Switches with integrated network monitoring and failure detection decrease costs.

Easy scale

When extending network and data operation your can increase capacity of switches easily.

Cyber threat protection

Switches helps to secure the network thanks to a Security Risk Management tool.

Junos OS – unified function configuration

The Junos OS secures unified function configuration of the whole Juniper product portfolio. As soon as you can work with Junos OS, you can manage all your physical and virtual Juniper deviced in the network (routers, switches, firewalls). Simply, effective and from one site.

Faster than ever before

If implementing higher amount of switches you can easily connect up to 128 switches into one virtual device. Particular devices can be 100km far away. Thanks to this you can:

  • „shorten“ distance between computers and speed up data flow,
  • decrease costs for network management,
  • simplify network infrastructure management and its topology,
  • implement new protocols and safety steps.

Define your own circuits

You can easily define access level for various user groups with Juniper Networks switches. You can have different access for permanent employees or external ones.


Easy network infrastructure management

As an optional part of the solution there is a Junos Space Network Director - an application for centralized management of network infrastructure.

Your operators can use the Network Director to monitor data flow, status of physical and virtual devices and detect abnormal network behaviour.

Automatic monitoring

Advanced automatization of the Network Director tool saves your administrators tens of hours during virtualization of the network architecture. The tool recognizes new network segments immeadiately after launch and enables to start to use them quickly.

Top Analysis

The Network Director analysis behavior of users, virtual devices and the whole network. It points out unutilized or overloaded segments and detects devices blocking operation.

Junos OS

You gain access to easy management of switches, firewalls and routers from Juniper Networks together with the stable operation system Junos.

High reasonable EX Series Switches

Top quality of switches Series called „carrier“ helps you to build your network in effective, reliable and safety way. Particular types of switches are designed that they meet all network infrastructure sizes and their requirements. The EX Series switches are based on Junos OS from Juniper Networks company, so it means significant simplification of operations. Both big and smaller companies can implement a high performing network infrastructure with a top security and an excellent performance.

QFX Series Data center switches

High perfoming platform designed for sophisticated operations in network infrastructure environment of your data centers. We deliver QFX Series to customers of public and private clouds and help them to implement network of all dimensions.

As ICT technologies and security specialists we realize importance of the correct choice of switches for a future network infrastructure development. The top quality QFX switches offer a great scale possibility, performance and network operation automatiazation. They can be implemented as 10GbE, 40GbE or 100GbE backbone, core or aggregate devices within Virtual Chassis, Virtual Chassis Fabric or Multi-Chassis LAG technology.

We find a solution ideal for you

We modify switch choice to meet your requirements and possibilities. After a consultation we design the best solution for your network and tune it in our ICT lab. We take care of the switch installation and the training of operators – if needed an additional software or a network solution implementation can be recommended.

Introduction of EX4500 switch

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