Software Defined Networking

We specialize in an infrastructure delivery of a Software Defined Networking (SDN) – virtualisation of physical networks. The software defined network can overcome limits of physical hardware and offers surprising possibilities thanks to its dynamics.

Support of a cloud architecture thanks to a flexible licence is one of the greatest advantages. With SDN you can adjust the data center network infrastructure to immediate needs of performance and capacity.

We are experts not only in the SDN distribution and implementation but also the high scaling of datacenter connection in speed over 100 Gbps.

It is a company Infinera technology (Transmode), which can be used for an effective utilization of an optic fibre connecting data centers.

Non-stop support, proffesional training, monitoring and distant administration are of course included in our solution for the data center infrastructure.

For any reason you are building your data center we can help you to achieve high performance, scaling, dynamics and very easy administration.



Junos Contrail

Simple, open and agile solution for network function and cloud virtualisation. You will be able to operate and manage your cloud network effectively, easily and with possibility to grow in the future if your have Junos Contrail.

Junos Contrail from Juniper Networks company is the right choice if you are looking for the tool for cloud administration. It is a high performance turn-key solution not only of network virtualisation, automatization but also cloud platform management. Junos Contrail brings freedom of choice in cloud and NFV (Network Function Virtualization).

Thanks to virtualized networks you will be able to fully utilize cloud service, which singnificantly increases your company agility and decreases risk. Hopefully you acknowledge possibility of easy integratin with current switches and transceivers which creates unique virtual network and significantly increases operation safety.

Open technology of cloud network administration

Do you want to exchange classic data centers for cloud solutions and find the best way to do it? Thanks to the cloud you can update IT technology usage and achieve better results. Junos Contrail enables automatic configuration and eliminates necessity of manual inputs. Thus you achieve better operation effectivity and decrease costs.

You do not have to wait for SDN, you can connect cloud immediately with Junos Contrail. Furthermore you can used new applications and services which brings you new inputs into your business. Junos Contrail brings you simplicity, openness and agility.

You will be able to cooperate with more suppliers if you want. Such an open platform always opens new possibilities. You can also use current network protocols and easily connect virtual and physical networks.

It is not important whether you have private, public or hybrid data centers, you can always create safety virtual networks based on current need with Junos Contrail. This solution uses a technology of Load balancing between application sphere and network service integrated directly into forwarding plane hypervisor. Thanks to detailed and precise analysis you gain granular telemetric information about the infrastructure in real-time.

Contrail Networking is the open SDN solution for cloud and NFV which improves business agility, security, availability, performance and automatization.

Contrail Cloud Platform combines Contrail Networking with Juniper OpenStack distribution and so a tailor-made platform for creating and scaling of clouds is made.

Solution for you

We adjust virtualization to your physical network. We design, test and delivery the solution, take care of configuration and also training of administrators.

Cooperation with us pays off as we…

Offer technical support 24/7
in English and Czech

We work for many Czech and international companies

Our technical experts have long-term experience in this area

Wondering how virtualization works? Arrange a free consultation with us and accept the benefits for you.



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