Monitoring and network safety

Flowmon solves networing safety and monitor its operation. It collects and analyses information about used ports, protocols and whole data flow.

Win overview who does what and in what time in your network. In any type of network, Flowmon probes always provide an exact and detailed monitoring of a network operation based on data flow (NetFlow/IPFIX). And this all up to 100 Gb/s! Thus you can manage and protect your network infrastructure more effectively.

You can use gained information to optimize the current network solution and network audits before buying new ones.



How can Flowmon help you?

Analysis of network behaviour and deviations

Flowmon recognizes automatically a network abnormal behavior and potentional threats and it warns you. Timely attack detection increases the total organisation safety in real-time.

Protection against DDos attacks

It enables network and safety operatos a quick attack detection and tools for its immediate stop. It prevents a collaps of your network infrastructure and financial losses.

Data operation recorder

Total record of data network operation and packet analysis. If information about the data flow (NetFlow) is not enough to solve the network problems there is a Flowmon Traffic Recorder.

Management of application performance

An active solution for application performance monitoring. Ready tools and report sets provide an immediate view into an application. Easy diversification between problems on the level of network/application/DB.

Data Retention fulfillment

A tool for IP operation and localisation data storage. A safety solution for public communication network operators. Fulfillment of legal code 357/2012 requirements, so called Data Retention.

Customer operation monitoring

Flowmon can monitor the data flow at your end users. So you can secure the appropriate Quality of Service and have the materials for regular billing.

How does Flowmon work?

Flowmon probes is a basic tool for the modern network operation monitoring. These high performance devices provide administrators statistics about the network communication (NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX). There are various usage possibilities of statistics about the network operation on daily basis. They are basis of quick network problem solutions, materials for capacity planning, a check of peer and SLA agreements and a detection of safety risks.

Statistics about the data flow are exported to a Flowmon collector or another NetFlow/IPFIX compatible application for further analysis and to be saved. Flowmon probes can solve up to 95% of operational problems in your network.

Flowmon collectors

The Flowmon collectors are high performance tools for collection, monitoring, analysis and safety storage of network statistics. Flowmon is the complex tool for effective administration of medium and big networks, which enables to have literally each packet under control.

Thanks to the collectors you can have the exact statistics about what is going on in your network available. A possibility to view the monitored data from any time of network history will be surely highly appreciated. With the Flowmon Networks collectors can be your network infrastructure optimized to meet exactly your requirements and needs.

They are available as hardware or virtual devices. The basic version is delivered as a compact 1U solution with a RAID5 software support and storage capacity suitable for networks with lower amount of data sources or short history for a network statistics storage. For the medium and big network there are models with a large drive and RAID5 or RAID6 hardware.

The virtual Flowmon collectors have the same functions as the hardware models. We have ones suitable for VMware or Hyper-V setting.




Keep your information safe

Don´t worry about patents, secret agreements or other sensitive information. The Flowmon examines origin and target of flowing data, used communication protocol or information volume but not its content. The gained information is to generate the detailed statistics and the network operation effectiveness increase.

DDos detection and mitigation

A FlowMon DDoS Defender is intended for net service providers, data center operators and company network. An effective detection of volumetric attacks is an important tool for your network infrastructure safety. Thanks to an unique architecture and integrated segments is the implementation possible within few minutes. Should you need to protect your servers, critical data and applications against cyber attacks quickly, reliably and safely, you could not choose better. The solution is possible to implement separatly and in combination with other specific segments in order to eliminate DDos attacks.

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