We meet requirements for increasing volume of transferred data. Assure your customers a connection or connect servers in your data center of multiple 100 Gb/s speed.

You can transfer a thousand times more data in one optic cable with wave multiplex (DWDM) than in the past. Without any construction changes. We can install it into your network and teach you to use it.

Many companies have to handle a synchronisation and a transfer of high volume databases, documents from manufacturing or safety cameras. Increasing volume of transferred data challenges telecommunication companies and data centers in terms of provision of guaranteed transfer speed and Quality of Service.

During next years the requirements will be even higher: In 2020 there is expected a launch of wireless 5G technology, which enables twenty times quicker data transfer. To manage such volume means increase of an optic cable capacity.

But it would be very expensive to realize construction activities and to install hundreds of kilometers of optic cables. Also permition and legislation can postpone increase of transfer capacity of years. And inbetween you can loose competitive advantage and face the threat of financial loss.



Wide variety of application

Multiplex tools save Internet and transfer service providers time and money:

ISP companies

You can take care of multiple times more clients without necessity to invest additional money thanks to the multiplex tools.


DWDM technology helps you to be ready for 5G mobile network change and assures Quality of Service.

The same cabling, 160 times higher capacity

No need to install new cabling with Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing – DWDM. DWDM transfers data from tens of sources in one optic fibre, send them to the distance of thousands of kilometers as light signals of various wavelengths and uncouple them again in targeted destination.

The DWDM uses maximal transfer speed of your optic cabling for each of tens of signals. You can transfer up to 160 signal by 100 Gb/s – total speed 16 Tb/s – which is 160x quicker than before.

Service support

The multiplex tools use a Packet-Optical Technology – which partially replace switches. So you can assure quicker data transfer between the cloud and the company network.

Immediate scale

Data volume transferred by DWDM is easy to scale. The total speed of trasfer can be adjusted based on demand and utilization of particular customers. You pay only the capacity, which is really utilized.

Ideal solution for you

We adjust DWDM implementation to your possibilities and requirements for speed and transfer distance. We deliver the tools, take care of configuration and traning of administrators. If needed additional software or network solution can be recommended.

Cooperation with us pays off as we…

Offer technical support 24/7
in English and Czech

We work for many Czech and international companies

Our technical experts have long-term experience in this area

Would you like to try offered tools first? No problem. We can implement it into your network, launch it and show it live. Contact us and find out what is with DWDM possible.



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